Invited Speakers


Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne, Co-Chair
Ruth Fincher, University of Melbourne, Co-Chair
Robin Goodman, RMIT University
Michael Buxton, RMIT University
Peter Newton, Swinburne University
Austin Ley, City of Melbourne
Chris McDonald and Jane Monk, DPCD
Lauren Costello and Seamus O’Hanlon, Monash University
Trevor Budge, LaTrobe University
Ian Winter and Caroline Thompson, AHURI
Helen Morrow and Peter Breadon, Grattan Insitute

PhD Workshop Sub Committee
Robin Goodman, RMIT University
Andrea Cook, University of Melbourne
Joe Hurley, RMIT University
Marjan Jajjari, University of Melbourne
Ian Jones, RMIT University
Elizabeth Taylor, RMIT University

Thank you to our Stream Leaders for all their hard work:
Social - Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne, Co-Chair
Governance - Robin Goodman and Michael Buxton, RMIT University
Environmental - Peter Newton, Swinburne University
Economy - Chris McDonald, DPCD
Infrastructure - John Stone, University of Melbourne

Thank you to all the reviewers

Andrew Allan University of South Australia
Michael Ambrose CSIRO
Courtney Babb Curtin University
Tom Baker University of Newcastle
Paul Barter National University of Singapore
Dawn Bennett University of WA
Janis Birkeland University of Auckland
Catherine Bridge University of New South Wales
Trevor Budge La Trobe University
Matthew Burke Griffith University
Paul Burton Griffith University
Michael Buxton RMIT University
Eddo Coiacetto Griffith University
Len Collard Curtin University
Nicole Cook RMIT University
Robert Crawford The University of Melbourne
Sebastien Darchen The University of Queensland
Melanie Davern The University
Gethin Davison The University of NSW
Jennifer day The University of Melbourne
Jago Dodson Griffith University
Kim Dovey The University of Melbourne
Ruth Fincher University of Melbourne
Claire Freeman University of Otago New Zealand
Lionel Frost Monash University
Billie Giles-Corti University of Melbourne
Stephen Glackin Swinburne University
Brendan Gleeson National University of Ireland Maynooth
Leigh Glover University of Melbourne
Robin Goodman RMIT University
Chris Hale University of Queensland
Steve Hamnett University of South Australia
Fiona Haslam McKenzie Curtin University
Cole Hendrigan Curtin University
Richard Hu University of Canberra
Joe Hurley RMIT University
John Jackson RMIT
Sadasivam Karuppannan University of South Australia
Jon Kellett University of South Australia
Jennifer Kent University of NSW
Shahed Khan Curtin University
Claire Legacy University of Melbourne
Margalit Levin University of Melbourne
Mark Liddiard Curtin University
Michele Lobo Deakin University
Darryl Low Choy Griffith University
Paul Maginn University of WA
Alan March University of Melbourne
Cristina Maturana The University of Melbourne
Chris McDonald Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development
Pauline McGuirk University of Newcastle
Ralph McLaughlin University of South Australia
Paul Mees Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Garry Middle Curtin University
John Minnery University of Queensland
Susie Moloney RMIT University
Clare Mouat The University of Melbourne
David Ness University of South Australia
Peter Newton Swinburne University
Daniel O'Hare Bond University
Tim Perkins Edith Cowan University
Peter Phibbs University of Western Sydney
Awais Piracha University of Western Sydney
Stephen Pullen University of South Australia
Matthew Rofe University of South Australia
Vivian Romero Victoria University
Julie Rudner La Trobe University
chris ryan University of Melbourne
Jan Scheurer RMIT University
Glen Searle University of Queensland
Kate Shaw University of Melbourne
Anthony Sorensen University of New England
Wendy Steele Griffith University
John Stone University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Taylor RMIT University
Susan Thompson University of New South Wales
Ilan Vizel University of New South Wales
Sally Weller Victoria University
Carolyn whitzman The University of Melbourne
Ian Woodcock The University of Melbourne
Geoff Woolcock Griffith University
Felicity Wray Urban Research Centre based at the University of Western Sydney